We’ve always believed in the power of handmade goods to make a difference. Each item we showcase is a labor of love, care, and the culmination of generations of inherited cultural heritage.

In truth, Kind People Co. has always been part of us. We’re lifelong entrepreneurs, travelers, and art aficionados. In our many trips and travels, my brother and I constantly found ourselves befriending local artisans whose only tools were their hands and knowledge that had been passed on from generation to generation. On each trip, our most treasured moments were listening to their stories, falling in love with their wares, and bringing home these beautiful works of art to share with our family and friends.

Through a series of incredible journeys in Kyrgyzstan and Nepal, we became close friends with two master artisans who asked for our help in sharing their work, crafts, and traditions with a larger global audience. And from there, Kind People Co was born.

We believe in empowering local artisans by sharing their cultural heritage with our global community. We’re constantly discovering masterpieces in some of the most remote places on the planet. The same stunning landscape that inspires so much of this work often poses a barrier for craftspeople to share their wares with the world. We believe in sharing these stories and these amazing goods with you.

Every item we sell, we love. Everything is 100% handmade and comes from generations of cultural knowledge passed on from one craftsmaker to the next. We are passionate about preserving traditional heritage and sharing the stories of the amazing and kind people that have continued these traditions across centuries of making.

We should all experience the rough imperfect beauty of a handmade product that exists not only as an object, but as a story, culture, and tradition. We believe in sharing stories and supporting kind people through the preservation of cultural crafts and heritage.

Every Craft Has a Story. We can’t wait to share all these crafts and their stories with you. 







Along with fairly and ethically paying our artisans, a portion of our profits goes to supporting local initiatives in each artisan’s own community. We believe in giving back to the villages and families who have inspired us to share these wares with you.  Every Craft is:

  • 100% Handmade
  • Eco-Conscious & Environmentally Sustainable
  • Socially Responsible
  • Ethically Made
  • Culturally Meaningful
  • Timelessly Designed



We believe in the power of Cultural Heritage and Artisanal Crafts from around the world to connect cultures, preserve local traditions, and allow artisans and their communities to thrive.  In the face of industrialization and modernization, we take pride in sharing these handmade works of art and ancestral traditions with you to keep this intangible cultural heritage alive and to bring a moment of mindful beauty to each and every day.



Through our cultural stewardship, Kind People Co. is dedicated to supporting local communities, championing traditional artisans, and preserving heirloom cultural heritage for generations to come.

We give back by donating 10% of our profits to the local villages and communities who have safeguarded these cultural traditions across generations of craftsmakers. We believe in paying homage to the ancestral wisdom and unique hand-crafted beauty that still awes and delights us today.

We also believe in celebrating the artists whose work physically embodies centuries of artisanal expertise. Beyond that, these craftspeople are our dear friends, and we are honored to be their allies and advocates. Their craftsmanship creates gorgeous products that not only showcase the beauty of the handmade but also continue their long lineage of crafts masters and traditions. By admiring and supporting their work, you join us in protecting and celebrating endangered cultural heritages that might otherwise be lost or forgotten. 

There are dozens of heirloom crafts that UNESCO has designated in “need of urgent safeguarding.” These intricate wares are essential parts of our humanity and our shared history. Kind People Co. collaborates with local craftspeople to preserve their traditional artisanal practices and to keep this intangible cultural heritage alive.

Kind People Co. is an international collaboration and community dedicated to protecting, stewarding, and sustaining ancestral cultural heritage for generations to come.

 Join us. We believe in bringing kind people together.  



Contact us using our contact page, or email us at hello@bykindpeople.com