Rudrashka Mala - Kind people


Enhance your inner power with our Kind People Co. Rudraksha Collection.

Made from the sacred and incredibly rare Elaeocarpus seed, our rudraksha malas and bracelets are an elegant and unique way to empower yourself as you move through the world.

A mala is a strand of beads used for keeping count during meditation. Malas have been used for thousands of years, with the earliest malas dating back to the 8th Century BCE. Our Kind People Co. Malas feature the 108 rare five-faced rudraksha seeds with one bindi or guru bead which serves as a stopper and contains the powerful energy of a mala.

The word rudraksha is derived from two works of Sanskrit origin. Rudra + Aksha. Rudra is the manifested form of Lord Shiva, and Ashka is a Sanskrit word for eyes. When combined, the word rudraksha translates to “that which comes from Lord Shiva’s eyes.” It is the Rudraksha’s connection to both the physical and the spiritual world that allows the seeds to empower and enhance the understanding of their wearer, allowing them to resonate both with the physical and the sacred vibrations of the universe.

Given their powerful energy, the Rudraska seed has been used for centuries for healing, grounding, and protection. They are prized for bringing abundant increases to one’s charm, fortune, and presence in the world.

Our handmade rudraksha malas and bracelets bring their wearers enhanced well-being, health, clarity, and freedom. Five-faced rudraksha seeds have been known to calm nerves, lower blood pressure, and infuse an air of tranquility into the day-to-day. Wearing a rudruaka bracelet or mala will help you move beyond negative emotions and transform your behavior patterns into positive habits. Those who wear rudraksha beads are able to find greater balance between the worldly and spiritual, bringing them peace and clarity in both realms. Wearing our five-faced rudraksha malas will increase concentration, insight, and understanding and will amplify your memory, creative thoughts, and communication.

Strung on a silk cord, our Rudraksha Collection is handmade by Tibetan artisans who have passed the cultural heritage and traditions of Rudraksha crafts down from generation to generation. Trusted for bringing a spiritual richness to its wearer, Rudraksha bracelets and malas are a beautiful and powerful way to protect yourself as you meditate and move through your life. 

Rudraksha seeds are believed to heal and guide all who wear them. In meditation practices, they are believed to bring an increased ability to concentrate, giving clarity and peace of mind.  Our Rudraksha Collection will help you manifest what you dream, desire, or need to be.

Find your inner sanctuary with our rudraksha malas and show off your global sense of style with Our Kind People Co. Rudraksha Collection. Safeguard yourself from the negative energies around you and appreciate a deeper presence in your life.

Embrace the world with a stronger sense of focus, purpose, and protection with this rare talisman only found in Nepal.

Channel your divine being. Feel more alert, centered and alive. This is the power of the rudraksha seed. Your life awaits - embrace it wholeheartedly with our Kind People Co. Rudraksha Collection.