We know the value of escaping into dreams and deep into the mountains. Our Lokta paper journals and notebooks are the perfect way to document your travels and notetake your aspirations and dreams.


With its durable binding and elegantly rugged aesthetic, our Lokta notebooks are an essential tool for all adventurers, artists, and thought leaders. With the addition of a Lokta notebook into your daily routine, the contemplative, reflective, and life-changing practice of journaling opens its doors to you.


Much in the way our products are a manifestation of intangible cultural knowledge, we hope these treasures offer their users a way to bring the intangibles of peace, joy, and beauty into their lives.


  • Why Journal?


Create a Space of Calm

Journaling has long been known to help calm and clear the mind. Beyond that, daily writing has been found to be a therapeutic way to reduce anxiety and allow for a private release of your personal stressors. With a place to put pen to paper, you can let go of any negative thoughts, reflect on the day past, and imagine a better day on the horizon.


Look & Learn Inward

Journaling also offers the opportunity to explore your daily experiences without judgment, anxiety, or fear. With decreased self-consciousness, you can learn from past moments of hardship and dream big for the years ahead. Keeping a daily log has been shown to increase self-awareness and self-confidence. Writing allows you to become aware of your triggers and offers you a private moment to celebrate your successes. As always, a journal’s a non-judgemental confidant with whom you can grow, excel, adventure, and learn.


Find Joy & Feel Better

Numerous studies have shown that journaling boosts your long-term well being, and has a direct positive impact on your happiness, health, and optimism. Gratitude Journaling, or listing three things that you’re grateful for has likewise been shown to be deeply effective in reducing depression and anxiety. Research studies have also shown that journaling allows you to open up and be more present in the moment and with your loved ones.


Journaling allows you to document your success, struggles, and takeaways to help you create, lead, and venture more confidently towards the direction of your dreams.


  • How to Begin

Starting anything can be scary. At Kind People, we’re dedicated to improving the adventures of our friends and our community through these articles and our handmade artifacts. The adventure of journaling is one well-worth pursuing. With that in mind, here’s a quick roadmap of how to begin: 


Find a Sacred Spot

First, find a place and a time of day where you can be alone with your thoughts. It can be

early in the morning, on a quick break, or at the close of the day. Even if you’re only writing for a few moments, you want to create a little space in your day and in your heart to write and reflect.


Breathe Deeply

Once you’ve found a quiet spot, take a deep breath. This moment is for you. Center

yourself and let yourself tap into your inner adventurer. Take a few breaths in and out, calming your heart, your brain, and your body.


Let Go & Begin

And from there, you’re ready to begin. Write freely and without judgment. Whatever comes to mind - jot it down. It doesn’t need to make sense or be full sentences. Let your heart and hand flow with whatever you want to say. The release and stream of consciousness writing will help you unlock difficulties and tap your inner strength. We encourage you to keep writing for as long as you want, or can.


And when you’re done, know that you can always return again, tomorrow or whenever you can, for another journaling session.


Welcome to Journaling, a Journey for the Soul


By journaling daily, you’re unlocking a world and practice of creative contemplation and self-knowledge. By writing daily, or whenever you can, you can leave yourself a record of all that’s happened and create a scaffold of all that’s to come. With its durable paper, timeless elegance, and ancestral traditions we can think of no better place to share your secrets and to empower yourself than in our Lokta journals.


Join us in the lifelong adventure of joy, self-knowledge,

and contemplation ahead.