Tibetan incents - Kind People

Calm and soothe your mind with our traditional Tibetan incense Collection. Follow in the time-honored traditions of Buddhist temples and meditation practitioners and infuse your home with a scent of peace.

Our handmade incense is crafted by artisans who rely on centuries-old monastic recipes to create a product that is as restorative as it is authentic. Having been used for over 1,300 years, the burning of incense is a spiritual practice that Buddhist tradition believes goes back to the days of the Buddha himself. We take pride in carrying forth this traditional heritage by supporting local artisans who employ techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Our Kind People Co. Incense is made from all-natural ingredients, with no harmful chemicals or substances. We believe in making products that honor ancestral traditions and caretake all who use them. Our incense comes from the foothills of the Nagarjung forest in the Kathmandu valley, an area that keeps us continually inspired by its natural beauty, rich heritage, and devotion to traditional crafts. All ingredients are locally sourced and our incense is organic, non-toxic, and non-additive forming.

Drawing from traditional recipes, our Tibetan incense is unique. Instead of using a central stick of bamboo, our incense uses a wood powder which enhances our incense’s aroma and structure. Kind People Co. Incense is made from a variety of herbs, spices, and flowers and our most complex varieties contain over a dozen flavor notes.

After combining our flavor notes, we create a uniform powder which is then extruded into stips by hand using traditional drying and molding practices.

For centuries, incense has been a part of daily life. Widely used for relaxation, meditation, and cleansing, our incense collection offers a simple way to elevate your lifestyle. Infuse your home or working environment with a fragrance designed to help you focus and find a deeper tranquility in your day to day.

Enrich your mindfulness journey to clarity and enhance your yoga practice with the time-honored ritual of burning incense to clear and ground the mind. Add incense to your day to day life as a way to focus your energy and enhance your mental and spiritual well-being.

Choose from a variety of aromatic journeys with our traditional scents and signature collections.

Sink deep into the moment and be whisked away to the foothills of the Himalayas and the sacred heart of the Temples of Tibet with our Kind People Handmade Tibetan Incense.