Kind People Co. hand-made natural body care products are derived from the abundant resources of the majestic Himalayas.


Towering at over 29,000 feet, The Himalayas are home to more than 6,000 varieties of medicinal herbs. As a picturesque garden of diverse healing plants, the verdant Himalayas offer a melange of foliage and beauty secrets that have been used for generations to promote all-natural beauty-based living.


Nepal’s rich ethnic and geographic diversity has allowed each village to adapt and utilize the abundance of The Himalayas for their own specialized set of timeless herbal traditions. This has led to a luxurious variety of different curative remedies and beauty secrets among the communities living in the shadow of The Himalayas.


The knowledge and use of these herbs have been passed down from indigenous shamans to artisanal craftmakers for healing and self-care practices. In the same way that The Himalayas themselves have stood guard over their surrounding villages, these soaps are ancestral touchstones that have served generations of communities, offering them solace and strength in challenging times. We take pride in sharing these artisanal traditions with you through our incredible line of handmade herbal beauty and bath products.


The traditional process of making our soaps often begins with a knowledgeable caretaker returning from the slopes of The Himalayas with a carefully selected bundle of fresh and pungent herbs. From there, the plants are prepared for pressing, in which a variety of organic and natural materials are combined to bring a delightful and well-balanced experience. From there the artisanal process of formulating our Kind People Co. soap begins, with extra care given to infusing each soap with a time-honored balance of herbs and aromatics aimed to cleanse your skin, your spirit, and your senses. 


Each soap offers a delicate blend of medical herbs and scents designed to help you focus, calm, and heal. Our soaps are aromatic masterpieces that draw from the abundant healing properties of The Himalayas and treasured wellness recipes passed down from generations of craftspeople. The gentle and curative plants used are highly beneficial for one’s skin and body and have been used by purveyors of luxury for centuries. 


All of our soaps are completely natural, organic, biodegradable, and 100% cruelty-free. We never test our soaps on animals and take pride in creating products that are sustainable for generations of craftmasters to come. Our fine handcrafted Himalayan herbal soaps are a treasured and perfect gift to a loved one or to yourself. Their restorative fragrances enhance well-being and beauty and offer an inner tranquility to all who use them. Their delicate scent and beautiful presentation make them suitable for home, travel, and office use.


Herbal beauty soaps - Kind People


Begin your journey to balance, calm, and spiritual cleansing with our handmade Himalayan soaps.